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Programing requires you to frequently use the terminal to perform many actions. The default terminal is just plain ordinary and doesn’t help you at all with limited information and blant design. Zsh also known as Z Shell is a shell built on top of the default shell for macOS(bash).

Zsh has huge number of features and when combined with iterm it becomes a beast for programming and productivity. Let’s take a look at how we can setup our terminal that gives us the information we need and helps us with the productivity all packed in a attractive appearance.

1. Homebrew

If you…

A guide for starting a career in programming.

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With humans moving towards digital world. This is the best time to learn the language of computers. According to Evans Data, By 2030 there will be a demand for 45 million software developers in world. And based on current statistics the number of software developers will be smaller than the demand, which is going to make it a lucrative job with best job benefits available. Learning to code can be daunting process with lots of different technologies and a belief that programming is complicated or relies heavily on Maths.

Although there isn’t a single/right way of learning programming. Different people…

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Programming is hard and long process but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right extensions on your editor.

Since vscode is one of the most popular code editors right now. Here are some of the extensions that will help you improve your productivity.

1. Bracket pair Colorizer

When I first saw this plugin I didn’t think I might need this. But if you are working on languages that require a tree of brackets this is going to be a life saver and once you get used to it, you are never going back. I cannot stress on how much trouble it…

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This is my story of how I started my programming career with $50 per month salary to reach 6 figures working at Facebook in 5 years.

Early Age

I come from a beautiful country called Nepal full of Mountains and greenery. Although it’s a really beautiful country to live in, It’s an under developed country with limited access to technology. The education system there didn’t teach us much about computers besides basic usage of MS Word/MS Paint and the teachers lacked knowledge too. I was fortunate enough to know about Internet when I moved to new city in 2006 for a year…

Improve your productivity by automating features, sagas, reducers and routers generation.

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I always get annoyed with the fact that almost every project you do on React usually needs Redux for state management and you need lot of boilerplate code for redux to work, with types, actions, actionCreators, reducers. And on top of that if we want to handle side effects we take the obvious choice redux-sagas. As we keep on adding new libraries and middleware, the amount of code you have to write for one simple feature to work keeps increasing.

I did a project recently, which was way behind…

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This is part 3 of this series Styled Component and Styled System. If you haven’t read Part 1 & Part 2 please go through them first. It is prerequisite before starting this part.

In previous part we used the help of style system to create complex components with greater flexibility and power. Now we are going to enhance that further by adding few tools to our arsenal. The first thing we need to learn is theming. Theming is important in projects because that allows you to quickly change look and feel of the project. …

This is a part 2 of how to use styled-component and styled system together to create React Components if you haven’t read the first part Read here.

In the previous post I explained how you can create components easily by extending DOM elements. But I told you that creating components is like a lego where you can create small reusable components and attach them together to create a new bigger component. Styled-Components not only allows us to extend the DOM elements but also React components. Let’s try existing Button component to make few variants.

const ButtonPill = styled(Button)`

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This is a multi-part series of articles where I am going to show you how we can leverage the power of styled-components and styled-system to create reusable, efficient components. We are in components age of Frontend. We can relate a component to lego. Similar to legos we can have small reusable components that can be attached to build bigger components which can be further combined with other components to create amazing things. Let’s start with styled-components at first.

Add the styled-components package to your project.

yarn add styled-components

styled-components utilizes tagged template literals to style your components. …

It might be unusual for new react developers or some experienced developers to see this explained. When we start learning react and start exploring how powerful it is. We consider this.setState as a very simple thing to understand and we don’t look deep into it. Most of us fell into that trap, resulting in unpredictable component state. Here are some of the common pitfalls that causes this.

this.setState() is an asynchronous function.

Well this might be surprise for some but, it’s well known for lot of us still we treat it like a synchronous function. …

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If you are learning react or already know the basics of react, you must have come across a term called Higher Order Component (HOC). It is one of the most interesting and powerful ways to build a component. Although the concept is very common, most of the examples are ambiguous and don’t provide enough insights on how to practically use it on a project. So, today I am going to share you a situation I encountered in my real project and how I went on to make things lot easier with the help of HOC.


I was developing a mobile…

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